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Cacao and coffee in health

By Martha Palma


The cacao fruit of tropical origin, today is considered a superfood for all the benefits it brings to health; Above all, if it is consumed raw because it concentrates a greater amount of antioxidants, it is said that it is 14 times better than red wine and 21 times more than green tea. In addition, it is rich in magnesium, and a small serving of 30 g covers more than the recommended Iron per day. Other minerals are also present, such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper, Manganese and, to a lesser extent, Selenium, Potassium and Zinc.
Cocoa lifts the mood because its flavonoids improve mood, combat depression and protect cognitive activity. The phenylethylamine contained in cocoa gives it an aphrodisiac effect and is also responsible for the “happiness moment” that you have after eating chocolate, which is its basic component.
Although chocolate is the best known product made with cocoa, consuming it in other forms is beneficial for health and beauty, not for nothing is known as the food of the gods, for its great nutritional properties and, of course, it’s taste.
From the cocoa bean, three substances are extracted: cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. All of them are used to make different products, both edible and beauty; coverage of chocolate, chocolate desserts, bread, mole, soaps, creams, shampoo, among others.


Few people can resist the charm and aroma of a good cup of coffee, one of the great pleasures that agriculture offers the world. Mexico produces coffee of excellent quality, since its topography, height, climates and soils allow it to grow and produce varieties classified among the best in the world.
Drinking coffee decreases the risk of heart attacks, protects against dementia, type 2 diabetes and even skin cancer. On the contrary, it increases anxiety, heartburn and worsens menopausal hot flashes. All these effects, good and bad, are due in large part to caffeine. Caffeine is the most important component of coffee and also the most consumed psychoactive in the world. Coffee also contains antioxidants and plant chemicals that give it its characteristic bitterness and odor, as well as healthy properties.
Several studies have confirmed that coffee improves mood, energy levels, memory or our reaction times.
A cup of good coffee reconciles everyone to their destination; especially, if you savor a delicious cup of delicious and aromatic Mexican coffee.

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