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The Mexican markets

By Todito Centro

Mexico, with its cactus and serpent; flowering and spiny Mexico, dry and hurricane, violent drawing and color, violent eruption and creation, covered me with its spell and its surprising light. I went through it for years from market to market. Because Mexico is in the markets, It’s not in the guttural songs of the movies, nor in the fake charreria of mustache and pistol. Mexico is a land of shawls of color carmine and turquoise phosphorescent. Mexico is a land of vessels and pitchers and of split fruits under a swarm of insects. Mexico is an infinite field of steel blue dye magueyes and crown of yellow thorns.
All this is given by the most beautiful markets in the world. The fruit and the wool, the mud and the looms, show the amazing power of the fertile and eternal Mexican fingers.

Pablo Neruda

Walking through the aisles of the markets of Mexico, where dealers shout their offers and invite you to try their products, is an experience that must be lived. In these places you can smell the smells and flavors of Mexico. And it takes us back to the past of the Tlatelolco tianguis in pre- Hispanic times. Where it all started with bartering.
For our fortune the traditional Mexican markets still exist. Some markets in Mexico City are still notable: for fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, that of San Juan, one of the finest and most well-stocked in the world; the market that continues in La Merced for retail; that of Xochimilco and that of Jamaica are famous for the quantity and variety of their products; that of the new beam that specializes in fish and shellfish, the Sonora, where live animals and all kinds of medicinal herbs are obtained; that of La Lagunilla with a large assortment of furniture, that of Tepito, antiques, and the craft market of La Ciudadela.
The markets of Mexico are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and genuine institutions of our country, entering one of them is a feast of the senses, a symphony of colors, aromas and sounds.

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