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Made by hand

By Martha Palma

Mexico is a privileged country, full of natural wealth known throughout the world and a culture and history worthy of being narrated, but also for the joy and creativity of its population, a wealth that remains in the hands of indigenous and mestizo artisans, men and women from the north, south, east and west of the country, creators of unique products that contain Mexican charisma and creativity.
Mexico, handmade, is to directly support artisans and their families, but above all, it is to put Mexico’s name and identity on high. Name and identity that began on September 16, 1810 when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla called the people to fight against the Spanish Crown to achieve independence and form a new nation, a fact that is commemorated every year with the “Scream (Call) of Independence” and which to date is for Mexico and Mexicans the most important national holiday, celebration where food, textiles, ceramics, music, tequila or mezcal and various handmade crafts of Mexico have a very important presence because we They make me feel very Mexican.
Mexico, handmade, is to taste chili in nogada, toasted tinga or pata, pozole and pambazos that are dyed green, white and red because they are made with tomato, chili and onion that evoke the colors of the flag; but, it is also
to celebrate, in the north with a kid, a dial or roast; on the coasts with a size fish, shaken or a lobster with beans; and, to the south of the country with some panuchos, chipilín soup or a dog fish bread; In addition, the tables are decorated with rebozos, with crockery and glassware for fresh lemon, horchata or Jamaican waters and the festive spaces are decorated with confetti, 100% Mexican crafts, decorative element, colorful and artistic figures that can not be missing in every corner of the country.
Mexico, handmade, is loving it with the green of hope, the white of tranquility and the red of the passion of its artisans who create wonderful cultural expressions that show a bit of the country’s cultural wealth. In Mexico there is no activity that represents more national identity values than artisanal work.
Mexico, handmade is to be good Mexicans to be good Mexicans. No one can love what he does not know, let us know our country, our history, our countrymen, ourselves because as the Mexican musical painter Pepe Guizar said “As Mexico there is no other”.

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