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Gante Street

Mexico City Downtown

By Todito Centro

This street was born in 1861: it is located on the old cemetery of the convent of San Francisco.
This is one of the youngest streets in the Center, it was born in 1861 when the convent of San Francisco was divided to be sold.
The convent was evicted on December 18, 1860. The demolition left no stone on stone: only the cloister, the main temple and the chapel of Calvary were saved. In the place where the cemetery and the temple of San José de los Naturales were located, the street of Gante was opened, baptized in honor of one of the first three Franciscans who arrived in Mexico City: Fray Pedro de Gante (of Ghent).

Who was Fray Pedro de Gante?

Pedro de Gante contributed to the rapid expansion of evangelization in New Spain. Cortés had Pedro de Gante brought to Mexico City to develop a network of schools. Together with the newly arrived friars from Spain.
The political and religious center of the activities of Fray Pedro de Gante and his fellow missionaries was the newly built church of San José de Belen in Mexico City. The convent, several schools, a hospital and a bookstore were also built.
Later, the political and religious power of Pedro de Gante was questioned.
Fray Pedro de Gante had to leave the city around 1560s, but he returned a short time later, subsequently fell ill in 1569, died in April 1572. He was buried in the church of San José, which was destroyed shortly after. ‘Calle Gante’ is a silent memory of this place.
In the Historic Center of Mexico City is this pedestrian space that joins three important places: Alameda Central, Palacio de Bellas Artes and Plaza de la Constitución.
This street gives a view on the design of the city, in addition to the artistic representations. It has shops for food, entertainment, jewelry, clothing, music, ice cream, coffee shops and museums.
Location: between Avenida 5 de Mayo and September 16. Facing the Zocalo.

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