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Easter Saturday, the burn of Judas

By Todito Centro

Judas is the symbol of betrayal in the tradition of Holy Week, being made sphinxes of cardboard to be burned, characters that represent evil and betrayal.
Did you know that Mexicans in the XXI have neglected the jubilation and representation of this tradition, compared to what was lived in years ago.
The burning of Judas dates back to the Colonial era and with it they intended to evangelize the natives, with what they represented the triumph of good against evil, which is why it was interpreted by a devil.
This tradition is accompanied by food, the week of Lent.
In the viceregal times the Mexicans made Lenten dishes as delicious as they used to be chicken, beef or pork which accompanied with drinks that brightened the day and spoke to the quietest of the family.
On Easter Saturday in ancient Mexico from a very early age the sellers of cardboard figures were already on the streets ready to offer their products as you kill and the representatives of “Judas” selling their merchandise at a auction price.
Just as the pulquerías and vinaterías were ready, the pulquerías with tomato and celery to “cure” this drink, accompanied by a hill of prickly pears that were waiting for them at the counter.
On Easter Saturday was translated into good food and good drink, the burning of Judas.

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