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The Rivas Mercado House

By Diana Lorena Zarco Ramírez

It took 4 years to create one of the most emblematic houses in Mexico City, the Porfiriato began to prevail, while some newlyweds were given the task of creating a comfortable home, which would be from the play space of their children to the place where private teachers and governesses educate Antonieta and her brothers; its thick facades of green and pink quarry, wooden beams and sheet ceilings would also receive frequent visits from artists and intellectuals.

The second level of this house was witness to the long hours and hard work that gave face to one of the greatest works of the time, the Column of Winged Victory, better known as the Angel of Independence, for these times also saw the light places like the Juárez Theater of Guanajuato, the current Wax Museum of Mexico City, as well as numerous houses, haciendas and the railroad terminal, “The customs of Santiago Tlatelolco”.

Between the eclectic style of the place, classic columns that contrast with the Moorish style of its mosaics and staircases, La Casa Rivas Mercado resurfaces like the phoenix; He has lived through everything; went from being a beautiful and luxurious porfiriato house to sink in the transition that brought the revolution, for 80 years later, and after its recent remodeling, it could open its doors so that you, you can go to each of its corners and remember in each wood, in each mosaic or in its gardens a bit of the former director of the Academy of San Carlos: Antonio Rivas Mercado.

If you are interested in learning more about the life of Antonieta Rivas Mercado and his father’s work, do not hesitate: fill your adventure with culture with the interesting tours of Casa Rivas Mercado!

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