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Aaron Olivo #IAmMexican

Tenacious, creative and restless chef

By Todito Centro

Aaron Olivo, 29 YO, proudly born in Saltillo, capital of the state of Coahuila. He is fond of listening to music and walking a lot through Mexico City, he likes to cook and, much more, eat. He is a graduate of the Gastronomic Institute of Coahuila and, he is about to conclude the diploma “Cooking and food culture of Mexico” at the National School of Anthropology and History.
In September he turns three years of living in Mexico City, a city he came to “in search of a dream”, from his beginnings in the world of gastronomy he shares: “My first job was in a restaurant Chinese food, at 19 YO, I joined the world of gastronomy in a professional way, I have 10 years in this, but cooking my entire life.
He decided to devote himself to the field of gastronomy because in his house, the kitchen was a very familiar dynamic, it was something he grew up with, it was something very everyday, his family members met on weekends and everyone participated; but, it was in high school, when he attended the cooking workshop, where he realized that he had a very natural facility for cooking, even his teacher suggested studying the Gastronomy career because “earns a lot and travels a lot”, and with that illusion Aaron sets his goal and decides: “I want to be a chef.”
Regarding Mexican food and flavor, Aaron tells us that they are like “a roller coaster because we have very sweet, very salty or very bitter flavors” thinks that Mexico cannot be defined in a flavor because “it is a megadiverse country”, But if he had to do it, Mexico has a spicy and smoky taste: the flavor of the “tacos al pastor” or that of the freshly cooked pot beans.
Chef Olivo is part of the Quereres Restaurant and, today, is his greatest commitment, greatest challenge and greatest pleasure, he is proud to be part of this project and consolidate himself as a chef in Mexico City. The name of Quereres has to do with the colors and flavors of the country such as red passion, love, hugs, intense colors such as red wine and the name of its dishes go hand in hand with Mexican literature.
The Mexican flavor they offer has a great influence on the cuisine of the north of the country, however, it is combined with the cuisine of other regions: the black noodle soup has Oaxaca influences because it is made with black mole and chihuacle; but, in short, the north is always present, they have ‘beans’ with marinated pork very typical of the north; the governor tacos with flour tortillas from Sinaloa; the white mole duck or, his favorite, the wedding “chamorro”, interpretation and tribute to the traditional “wedding roast” a tradition of northern cuisine. Quereres, is a Mexican high cuisine restaurant through dishes such as coriander pesto pasta, tuna sealed in tortilla ash crust, one of the most representative, where there are mixtures of baked beet with red fruits, cherry tomato, peppermint, jamaica and chiplote a 100% of Quereres creation.
The advice given by Chef Olivo to anyone who wants to dedicate himself to this job is to start working first, to get fired, to know what this is about food because it is a very beautiful race, but a lot of sacrifice, there is no Mother’s Day, New Year or Christmas because that is when more work is available. To dedicate yourself to cooking, it is very important to know, read a lot, eat a lot, travel a lot, get informed and always show constant samples of creativity, always look for something that inspires you, that you like throughout the kitchen.
The phrase that defines Aaron as a cook is “you can do what you can with what you have” and, the one that defines him as a person is “hard work, perseverance, creativity and irreverence”, “we considere that chefs are crazy, strict, screamers, but, we can show that things can be done differently, there is more than one way to make a recipe, one as a chef cannot be so square, you must be irreverent to break the rules, to pay tributes, retake what comes from you, your roots and capture them in a way that people would not have imagined.
This is Aaron Isaí Olivo González who believes that there is nothing that cannot be achieved through hard work and perseverance and that invites people to visit the Historic Center of Mexico City, to walk it and enjoy it, and if they want to have a pleasant time, with excellent service and an interesting proposal of food await us in Quereres, a restaurant with the taste and color of Mexico. Artículo 123 #116 esq. Humboldt, Centro. Reservations: 55 9688 7037

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