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The National Holidays of Mexico

Origins And A Bit of History

By Maria Isabel Correa Rojas

Viva Mexico! A phrase so popular that every night on September 15 we hear screaming from the voice of Mexicans in all the main squares of the country while the bells ring, it is a unique moment that as Mexicans we are proud to live, because it reminds us of the great struggle that A group of people started more than 200 years ago in search of our freedom. But where does this beautiful Mexican tradition come from? Next we will know.
Tradition tells that the dawn of September 16, 1810, the conspiracy of Querétaro was discovered, so that the priest Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and other leaders, decided to get up in arms against the Novohispano government summoning the people to take up arms ringing the bells of the parish closest to the call of “Long live religion! Long live our most holy mother of Guadalupe! Long live Ferdinand VII! Long live America and die bad government!” people replied: “Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe and the gachupines die!”
Today this holiday is carried out solemnly respecting at all times the national symbols. Based on the aforementioned tradition, the President of Mexico, governors or mayors carrying the national flag head towards the people.
However, few people know that the “cradle of the celebration of the Call of Independence” is Huichapan (magical town) in the state of Hidalgo because it tells the story that two years after starting the independence movement, Ignacio López Rayón and the troops
from Villagrán, they decided to make a replica of that memorable “Call” that Miguel Hidalgo had made before, so López Rayón and Andrés Quintana Roo went up to the balcony of the house popularly known as “El Chapitel” to commemorate this event.
From that moment on it became a great Mexican tradition that can not be missed anywhere and that undoubtedly makes us hide the skin of pride that we feel belong to this beautiful country called Mexico.

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